France Pics

Hi Guys and Girls,

Just thought i would share a few pics from my girlfriend, Charlie, and my holiday to France. We stayed with her parents who have a few places they rent out in the South just near Perpignan.

They are assorted photos, One of the Dog, The thermal baths in the mountains, general views.

Because they live near the Spanish border we went to Barcelona for the day which was truely stunning, unfortunately with only being there a day it was difficult to see everythign in detail but what we did see was spectacular!

Hope you like the pics






Views of Barcelona from the National Art Gallery





1st one is a view back up to the Art Gallery in Barcelona.2nd is a view from one of the windows from my girlfriends Parents house in Rodes again not far from Perpignan.

3rd is same window, different direction.

As a note, mr girlfriends parents have two houses available for rent, one is in Rodes and the other near Millas close to Perpignan. They are VERY reasonably priced and the prices are likely to go up next year. If anyone is interested let me know and i will forward on some more pictures and details.





Really nice pics! Looks like you had a nice time there! Thanks for sharing!

1st is view from the rubber ring in the pool back at one of the houses, out of interest this house is available for rent and if anyone is interested let me know and i can send some more pics of the houses available for rent.

2nd another of the dog, Aimee

3rd is view of the house from accross the peach orchards.

Will post more when i get a mo.





Wow, Matt, thanks for posting! Barcelona is my favourite foreign city (London is my first!), I am inspired to go back soon now, thanks! Even now it’s warm and not cold, and not wet! Looks like nice dirt-biking territory in the last picture

Nice pics, its well worth getting more time in Barcelona if you can. Like Jay I love the City, and have been there a couple of times.
I spent a lot of time studying Gaudi at college, and my parents fell in love with it too and decided to move to Spain. Albeit Valencia, but the garden is slowly becoming a shine to Gaudi!

I managed to get misses to walk all the way to the hills in the backgorund of your pics, up to Parc Guel. Stunning place to see the sunset from. Then walked back again to The Ramblers to see everything a 2nd time at night. The lighting on Segrada and Batllo are worth seeing. I’ll add some pics later.



Its a shame we couldn’t have spent more time in Barcelona, it was a bit of a flying visit trying to see as much as we could. Luckily though we will definately go back because her parents live so close to the border.

La Rambla was amazing, nothgin like th emain streets in london, even for a big city the pace was so much more relaxed and unrsushed, the market just off La Rambla wa stunnign too, amazing fruits and foods i had never seen before and the colours we very bright and vibrant!






Matt… Wicked pictures… Haven’t been to Barcelona yet, it looks beautiful. Jay and I were talking about going a little while ago, but have been so busy with the site haven’t had time… Soon hopefully…