France not looking good for me

I am gutted! I got my bike cam, my europe sat nav, peanut butter sandwiches and beautiful looking R1 ready for saturday!! But it doesnt look like I will be able to ride:unsure: My chest is still causing me serious pain so I gotta start being real, I have not given up yet, not until Friday night, BUT i am now accepting that the chance of going is real low :crying:

Dont waste all that hard work on ya bike redz, give it to me to take n test in france for ya !! :smiley:

its just another ride out…there will be more…best get those ribs sorted ya big wuss…:smiley: only joking…they hurt especially when you sneeze…dont sneeze…

asda and tesco do painkillers :wink:

you can always get 0.7l of some good vodka :smiley: it helps aswell

Jokas:) I keep coughing and sneezing! OUCH!