Frame checks after dropping bike

As per the title.

Ive finally gotten round to looking at the Ducati after exiting stage right at Graham Hill bend way back at the end of July.

Visually the frame looks ok, no dents dings or buckles in any of the spars, where there used to be two crash mushrooms on the lower engine bolts there is now two blank spaces with a little damage to the frame, the bike flipped as it went over the kerb.

What has really got me thinking about the frame is while wheeling the bike around the chain is making a lot more noise over the sprockets that usual, Im wondering if its because its out of alignment, Ive checked the rear wheel alignment with a set of callipers and it seems to be ok.

What are your methods of checking the alignment of the frame without having to strip the bike down?

Im wondering if I can do something with a laser pointer and a balnk wall?

Answers on a postcard, most useful will win two used crash mushrooms carefully collected at the scene by a marshal delivered to me with line of “ here you go this might be useful” (Collection only, no cash alternative)

I wouldn’t trust myself to check it, would take it to the pros. Try Motoliner in Maidstone. Delivering someones bike there for them tomorrow.

Think you are probably right bud.