Foxy Foxy... sign me up!!

Wow…seen the piccies from Soho trip, surprised you haven’t got more new members, Foxy is definately that! Definately need to get me LB stickers for my old Luckystrike Slingshot, good to cover all the old war wounds and might get me noticed by the lovely Foxy when I’m out one day…can’t say the same about you guys though…saying that I’d best keep the black visor on!! Great site, brilliant pics on the gallery and a good bunch of like minded loons.How do I order stickers? See you out there soon.

Lucky13 (Luckystrike GSXR750L)

Lucky13… Glad you like the site!! If you want stickers, send me an email or PM with your address… and I’ll got some out to you…

See told ya You Are ALLLLLLLLL That N More thats Foxy by the way

def wouldnt be me!! ‘Foxy appreciation society’ anyone?

Hey lucky13, welcome aboard We need to let more people know about LB, so feel free to encourage all your other biker friends to join up, the more the better! And yes, Foxy’s fab