Fox's Bike Night

The clocks sprung forward last weekend so this means Fox’s Diner nr Dorchester, Oxford is back doing it’s Bike Night on a Monday until 9pm’ish.

I went up yesterday as TQ had the day off and the weather was nice, lots of bikes turned up… and the usual Police presence, so beware if anyone goes… They plot up along the routes into Fox’s so watch your speed and wheelies. :wink:

It’ll be a nice ride out from the Ace during the long warm summer evenings, something to do and not too far.

We would be up for that :cool:

Is that Archers country ? :w00t:

ooh sounds fab, may try and make one.

Vicar of Dibley country;)

No no no no…yes! :wink:

Who’s the Alice Tinker of LB then ? ;):smiley:

Ginger with a blonde wig:D:D:D

I’d be up for this too :slight_smile:

what you up for sherrie, being alice tinker and a blond wig or ginger and a blond wig…:smiley:

I know it’s a little " residential " around there but …21:00 :crazy:

Seems a little early to finish ( especially for those of us who don’t get home till 19:00 ish :w00t:

It’s always been that time milleman, we tend to go for a ride and pop in for a coffee then carry on riding. If we head home it’s still 50 miles each way to my door :stuck_out_tongue: Light nights mean lots of riding, it’s fun… sometimes we don’t leave home until 8pm by time the others have sorted themselves out.

Well, don’t know who this Alice is (hmmm, i sense a song, lol) could manage a blonde wig but Ginger in a blond wig would be too much to cope with :wink:

Sounds good to me Ang , drop me a line when you going and will try and meet up on route somewhere :cool:

sounds good

Ang, you coming to foxs later then?:slight_smile:

Wot’s the postcode or location ? Is the food good ? :stuck_out_tongue:

TQ I’ll let you know I may well come for a few hours if the rain holds off, got to be up really early as we’re picking Stacy up at 5.30am tomorrow.

Slarty, the foods…ermmmm…pass :smiley: Probably wont have anything you want, they had f’all drinks there the weekend :wink:

OX10 7LY

Great roads from here to Foxes. :smiley:

Might be up for this…

Ok Ang, will be there just after 7. Yes food is rubbish:w00t: Tea is ok :smiley: