Foxeye Blade owners speak up

What do you think of your bikes?

What mods have you done?

Are you still running 16 front?

What do you get to a tank?

You name it i want to now! Come on speak up.

RRT. Fast, handles, boring as ****. Crashed bashed well serviced.

100 miles to a tank load.

16’ front.

Micron SS pipework with standard can.

Wanna buy it?

tenner…and a packet of rizla…only cuz its a honda


Might consider a trade against that 750 you might still have

Does my attempt at selling it not inspire confidence?

I have an RRV thank for the offer. Just needs some mods and yes I love its smooth power.

So what mods u going for, anything exciting

I have 2 x RRSs, a standard Urban Tiger and a slightly tricked up one that I bought so sell on as bits but decided to keep it and use it on the track. Now I’m ready to sell both.

Love them apart from physically, they are too big for me, had to have the seats cut down on both. The grunt and accelerating is great on both, think I will miss them but its time to move on… I’m almost 30 now!!! SCARY… and no, I’m not ready for my VFR, pipe and slippers just yet

I got 172 miles to a tank before reserve so god knows what tank they are using!!! And just cos I’m a girl doesn’t mean I pootle everywhere either.

One has a ART end can and the other has a full Harris system, got 160 to a tank 2 days ago on that one as I use it on the road as well as the track. As for mods, have a look in the thread in sales area, theres photos of them both there too.

BTW, still running 16" on both bikes, the pirelli diablos are the best tyre out that make the 16" front so i’m chuffed. As it goes, I just fitted new tyres to both bikes too and trying to sell them now, thats another £200 worth I hope someone appreciates

You get 172 to a tank? Seem to remember the tank holds about £14 so thats 3.5-4 gallons. You’re getting 40 to the gallon I reckon you drive very slow, or maybe I am an animal as they say.

As to size they are small, to small. I sit upright although it does make pulling wheelies easier when bored.

The bodywork is to thin, use them hard and you get stress fractures everywhere.

I just find it boring though to be honest which is why its sat unused for 6 months. Much prefer my GSXR1100.

you can go fffffffffffff…

love the slingger to bits mate…bulletproof…fun to throw about…even tho she was built in 1989…still one of the best bikes on the planet…i think i’ll pass me old mate…good effort tho…hehe


So you won’t sell it to me then? I guess I’ll just have to make do with the 3 slingshots I’ve got already.

Ah well.

RRY owner over here…

Not really done too much to it:

Micron Can (came with it), Replaced pillion pegs with Sato titanium can hanger, LED front & rear indicators, 7 x 5.5 plate, motographix front number boards, tinted DB screen, Xenon conversion headlight, added white disgusting wheel embelishments and nice heated grips to keep my hands and fingers toasty in the winter oh and of course a PCIII to sort the fuelling

my bros old 98 rrw he rated it well just painful to ride?


you feind!!!



I used to have a 1996 RRT and it fookin rocked. I had a Raven Racing end can, K&N and dynojet kit set up by Harris. I also lowered the gearing by adding 4 teeth on the rear sprocket and 2 off the front, best mod in the world it turned the bike into an absolute animal. The bloke who brought it after me said that it pissed all over his 2000 model R1 everywhere but the top end (not surprising)

Most I got out of a tank was 120 miles and that was nearly empty, res was about 100 miles or so I seem to recall.

Same here, Res light always comes on between 100 - 105

Yeah I seem to recall that when I rode to the South of France that was a major pain in the 'arris

I’ve got a '92 Blade. She’s my Winter hack … currently wearing a Yoshi can atm, but I’ve also got a Micron for her. Brake lines are stainless, rear shock is Ohlins and she’s got a bit of carbon on her. I’ve modded the rear end to make the plate ahem “easier” to read … apart from that I’ve just ridden her.

She does loads of miles on a tank … compared to my usual wheels anyway! … and it feels like I’m riding a little two stroke!

Try my gearing mod along with the dynojet kit and K&N. Trust me it will pick up at 4k and try and flip you on your head

Mine as standard didn’t really go till about 8k I seem to recall, but after the new sprockets its was mega

I might do in the Summer next year … I like her tameness at the moment whilst the weather is sh!tty. She’s really easy to ride on damp cr@ppy roads, but when you wanna give it some, she does the business! My next mod is gonna be a stunt cage.

That gearing option sound interesting. Not had the tank off yet but with replace the air filter with a K&N similar. It has got a full system but i’m gonna replace with a set of akrapovic headers in the new year. Mine has the RRW seat unit but would like to change it for an R6 rear to raise the back and show off the rear wheel a bit more. 1 job that needs doing is the cam chain as its rattlin a bit but need to seek a handy spanner to lend a hand as I dont now how to do it.