Fox/Cat deterrents - do they work?


If it stinks that bad, it’s more likely to be fox shit.

oh maybe actually, we seem to have quite a few foxes round here now I even see them during the day

Foxes are far more active during the night, so if you;re seeing during the day you must have quite a lot in the neighbourhood.

Foxes are nocturnal, if you see them during the day there is a food shortage and they’re hungry

Bottles filled with Water helps. Use a clear coke bottle of something similar. Old wives tale but has dramatically stopped cats shitting on my graveled front garden

Mirrors and old CD’s hung from a string has the same effect.

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do I need to pee on them first?

if you like!

Get your own cat. It’s the only certain way. Some turf wars to start but then it settles down.