Four wheels can be exciting too!

Just watch that vid…


Nice one Rottie !!

If you liked it you will love this one:

Ari Vatanen in Peugeot 405 Mi16 doing Pikes Peak, it’s a classic multi-award winning documentary.

Now this is insane!!!

Great, expect to see that spoiler on a 1.1 Corsa near you soon !!

Oh my god, Foxy and I just watched that and we’re both in awe! Foxy less than me, as she was big into cars before bikes, whereas I’m just a two-wheeled monkey… Wow. So what was the course, and car? Looked amazing, so much traction, triptronic gearbox, yada yada… wooowee, nice for this weather eh? And that weather…

If u’re asking about the first one this is the car:

It’s even for sale if you’re interested

And this is the driver:

The race was near Gemenos in France. Bikes are present there too:

Oh yea, awsome clips Rottie, I just love the power thing, so loved the clips
Happy christmas mate

Damn good clips there wouldn’t like to run wide on any of those tracks!

Good clips there and some serious skillful driving!

the first clip was awsome

there aint no bike doin it that fast, no way

I want one of those cars, it’s amazing… Not so good for the Monday morning commute though, I’ll wager.