found this site, Coooool!

Charlie this might interest you, they have some cool stuff on this site for bikes and cars.

If you havn’t already been on this site… charlie

Search for parts for your bike

pimp my ride be-atch!

nothin for the k6 you swine!!!


This looks hot

Oh Really you blind git???

erm, like the one I posted

were?..all i got was this…

We are sorry, but your search did not yield any results. Click here to search again. If you think your search may have been too broad, you may wish to try using more descriptive criteria (if you did not specify keywords, try doing so). If you think your search may have been too narrow, try using looser criteria (for example, try performing an “All Words” or “Any Words” search)

ur still a swine!!!


checked that out before. tempted altho its a lot of cash, then shipping…just to look out for the filth (no offence to the filth naturally )

AFAIK…All fuel injected bikes shut off if they fall on their side.