Found My New Bike!!!





You’ve godda be a plucky girl to ride one of 'em

I’ll get my coat.

Your leathers dont match

Now Foxy, people will start saying things like “your game” and “who’s that bird”. And don’t get me started on the “Pheasant pluckers son” thing…


Nice bike…that suspension looks a bit dodgey though…may want to have a mechanic give it a once over before you close the deal.

Ide pluck it

No no I have found ya new bike Spondon Fireblade in " CARBON "

Foxy I would like to see you washing that bike after a ride! lol

Mike mate! You are a lovelly bloke and I always like to have a chat with you at soho but, I think that on this new bike you will spoil my image a bit… lol! Soho is not the right place to be on a pink bike… you may atract the ‘wrong’ public…

You can have it any colour ya want m8 but I don’t know black leathers pink bike ya could have a load of new and interesting friends

Yeah, Cezar, diversify! I’d have a pink bike, not with pink leathers, though. Unless they had a long tail and I’d put panther ears on my helmet, too…

I think that I will stick with me black one, thank you very much! The bike looks great though

I would if I were you mate!!!