Found in the loft, after thirty odd years, wow.

Was helping my dad (82 years young) clear out his loft and came across this little gem, plus it has a story behind it.

During the early seventies my father worked in Beddington lane nr Croydon and was based in the suzuki GB HQ working for Peter Agg the then Chairman of Heron oils and SuzukiGB.

During his time working for Peter some space was allocated in an area behind his workshop for a young bike racer, my father used to help the young man now and again with his bikes and they would share the odd cup of tea.

That young man was Barry Sheene and according to my father the great Bazza wore his jacket whilst they sat and chatted in his workshop.

Can I prove it, no chance, however I did see and meet Barry at the Suzuki HQ when with my dad and would have no reason to doubt his word.

I have no autographs, pictures etc it was just one of those things that happens in life and its only when you look back you realize how lucky you were.

My dad has given the jacket to me as he is unlikely to use it again, thought I’d let you all see this real 70"s nylon classic, and it was made in England. check out the label.

what a nice article to read in the morning, hope it stays with you and your family just like the memories for years to come.

What a jacket!

Superb story to wake up to. It fairly warmed the cockles.

I’d frame the jacket.

lofts are great…


You’ll gain nothing wearing it but it’ll provide years of chat with guests to your home…

I moved into an old house in North London in 1994; the loft had been completely boarded and was absolutely empty except for a small cardboard box in one corner. On the lid was an old Home Defence label and the house address was written on the lid in pencil, inside were two gas masks. One was falling apart but the other was ok except the elastic straps were perished. Naturally I tried it on before I put them away. Spooky feeling. I left them there when I moved out, they’re History so I hope they’re still there. Doesn’t beat Bazza’s jacket though! :cool:

nice to hear a story like that, look after it.

That is a nice story, and that is one shiny shiny jacket. That needs to looked after carefully.

Thats a sweet find/gift!! Genuine 70’s + perfect condition + great story + family history = priceless! :cool:

I’m very envious! :slight_smile:

What a memory jerker:D

Heron Suzuki Lee Bridge Road, Leyton 1978… I was that Window licker dreaming of owning that Dunstall GT750:D

My dad has endless slide photos of every military aviation movement since the late 60’s. Pictures of every squadron and every plane.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :hehe:

Sorry dad! but you could have got me a barry sheen jacket :stuck_out_tongue:

That was probably the last time you would see a jacket with “Made in England” on the label

I was about to say that Chunky - I cant remember the last time I saw something with “Made In England” on it - well…apart from me mams Denby crockery!

Lovely story :cool:

Deffo display it but keep it away from direct sunlight :wink: It’d blind ya :w00t::smiley:

Get your dad to write the facts down and sign the paper then you put that in one of the pockets so you don’t lose it. In the art world it’s called “provenance”. Then it’s worth money.

Then you don’t sell it cos your not a venal bastard. You just enjoy owning it for the moment to pass to someone else in the future that will enjoy.

Great story, good find.