found guilty

Special Constable

well done to all involved.
now let’s hang him!.

sick man


People like that are truely evil.

However, most voilent crimes are commited by those who are closest to the person involed.

I remember seeing that on crime watch.

shocking. but I think that a quick death would be too good for this piece of ****

I remember being quite shocked when this was first reported in the news and incredulous when it transpired that her husband was being the murder.

I hope he gets a long time inside.

Very good job there, finding out the culprits and the way it was done was a needle in the haystack job, bad light on a reg plate!!

Some crimes should be punished “to the fullest extent of the law”.

I believe he had been married to her only 3 years.

Like it or not, my suspicions are now raised when you see “the plea” on crimewatch etc.

Im still waiting the outcome of the Mccanns- hopefully before the book is released