Found anything good on YouTube lately???

Not usually a fan of Bikers stunting on the public highways as think it gives us all a bad name (Obviously the odd Wheelie isn’t too bad, i mean proper stunting like drifting etc)

But this is pretty cool, and looks damn impressive lol

Impressive wot?

Wow that F800 video is mesmerising, watched the whole thing

Makes you wonder how many times (and bikes) have they crashed before they learned to balance properly. I can bet if all of us suddenly got bikes to drop and gear to tear for free and loads of practice time then half of us would end up being just as capable.

Slow day at work?

Me? Oh god, yes. Got 4 months to go in my current contract and my manager can’t find things for me to do :smiley:

oo that’s reminds me I need to send sam a link

Wise, Thats why i posted this :slight_smile:

It was an invitation for you lol

Some fun enduro stuff

I quite enjoyed this a little while ago: It’s frequently awful in such a good way.

A few that I have saved on YouTube:

and there’s this classic that never gets old