Found a half decent pub showing motogp...I Hope

Come across this place and they state on their events calendar motogp is shown so have emailed them regarding capacity and screen availability etc and if sounds good may go check it out for the american GP on the 13th april

will just turn my TV on and watch it :smiley:

that’s quite cool. would be good to fill it with bikers to show how popular it is

Parking might be an issue. I’d take an Almax chain for that area and chain bike to something immovable, like a tree!

what you trig to say? Fitzrovia is some sort of criminal hell hole? just the same as parking anywhere else in town. that bar is round the corner from work, I might try it.

The reply from the manager:Hi Curtis,

Moto GP coverage for the Americas will be on the 15ft cinema screen in the Lotus Lounge. It will start as soon as the football finishes at around 18:00.

The Lounge seats up to 75 persons.

In general screens are allocated according to the number of bookings and timings of live sport.

Best regards,


Jetlag Bar

this means it should screen moto 2 as well. I’m gonna go i think, anyone else up for it?