found a bike, am seriously happy chappy!!!

:D:D 2003 CBR600F 11k Miles £3000 hiss immobiliser, smartwater, FSH, Garaged, inspected excellent condition, HPI clear, MOT cert verified & taxed until summer, V5 verified, VIN check ok, new michelin pilots 600 miles ago

going up by train to do final test ride and complete deal on saturday morning, almost like a new bike, very well looked after and i am now seriously happy :smiley:

if anyone is in the watford area sat morning and riding into central london, please give me a shout as it will be my first ride on a sports bike and would appreciate advice/support from experienced riders :slight_smile: (its a bit out of your neck 'o woods Elad ;))

thanks to everyone who gave advice and stopped me wasting hard earned cash on average dealer bikes :slight_smile:

Excellent find!

She looks in very good nick and is very pretty.

600F’s become your best friend very, very quickly. Enjoy!:cool:

You are going to love it, some really nice roads round Watford way so maybe take her for a bit of a spin round that way to get used to her :slight_smile:

See…What did i tell you?:slight_smile:

It’s worth being patient as there are some minters out there;)

Hope it goes well, and take it easy

Well done


Looks very sweet dude, very good condition and a very nice bike. Sorry but I am at brands on Sat, so cant be there to escort…really sorry… But we should be having a confidence rideout on saturday 8th that will just be a gentle bimble, come along then…?

cheers, will check with my missus (she manages the diary :cool: )shes been really supportive so far (as opposed to others in my family i could mention) so i dont want to make her feel that i’ll be out on the bike all the time (just yet) :wink:

if i tell her its for training/safety purposes it should be ok :slight_smile:

nice one mate. looks like an awesome deal

got to get an alarm fitted me thinks, will give Charlie a call

at least it will annoy the local scally scum when they poke about