Forum Use

Considering the sheer volume of funny posts that Cezar posts up, we thought it best to create a seperate forum to accomodate anything not biking related, so that people can easily read the real bike posts in the general forum.

Feel free to use this forum for jokes, funny videos and pictures, though please make sure all posts are inline with the forum rules, i.e. no porn or graphic content


You could have just called this section, Cezar’s Bit. (Just Kidding) Great idea and maybe it will help people to post in right bits.

cool! :Whistling:

Another 2006 post ressurrected?

what?? where!!?

Boring!! lol :laugh:


thats sooo 2006! :smiley: :wink:

He’s obviously relaxed a bit in his old age hey :stuck_out_tongue:

no point in going there then, might as well scrap that section

Start a petition on we want porn.:smiley:

PORN PLEASE :Whistling:

Damn, I missed this one! With a date like that it would’ve definitely gone into the trophy cabinet!!:D:D:D


Didn’t Shaned break that rule after a christmas party a couple of years ago.

Do as the Admins do. Well without their rights, or dirty pics.