Forum Etiquette

never going to happen
And thanks god for that LB as become boring and PC enough as it is…

All I can say is… Take a look at the following link. Have a GOOD look around. Especially at “who we are” Thoughts on a post card please:D


There’s nothing wrong with some etiquette on these boards, nice to be civil to people. Can still crack a laugh and a joke.

Good links PPG, good finds.

+2, been quiet and mundane lately :smiley: (chunkymonkey come back!!!)

B0ll0x :wink:

Mel (24/09/2009)

+2, been quiet and mundane lately :smiley: (chunkymonkey come back!!!)[/quote]

Yeh where is the fat one ?

Shall we have a group hug ?

Feck off Ricky you leaky old c unt :smiley:

Terry-Moto (24/09/2009)

This is more like it:D:D

Jetstream (24/09/2009)

Your Julie tells me, Jetstream = still got a squirty willy :PThis is the cussing post aint it :smiley:

Oi Tel…go crawl back under the missus’s thumb:P

Terry-Moto (24/09/2009)

bunch of wan kers, now this supposed to be innocent general chat thread (about Etiquette) belongs in Adult section :smiley:

Thumb, Moi ?

You aint even allowed on this :smiley:

Shut it and do your commute to Burra market :stuck_out_tongue:

TittyCumChuffs to etikit… ettycat… airyquim… that $hit :laugh:

Thought it was just me that noticed the lack of spirit.

What happened to the gentle irreverence and anarchy of a year or so back?

Where’ve you been for the last few days? Taking your test again? :smiley:

Hehe…(I’m only laughing coz it’s good etiquette to humour the old folk :D)Busy at work the last few weeks, been hitting the gym 6 nights a week & keeping entries up to date on Alex Gold’s 10 Week Challenge Forum, so had less time for LB :(Got a new bike though :smiley:

So, at the risk of stirring up a hornet’s nest, why’s that then?

Seems fair to me :stuck_out_tongue: