Forum Changes

After some thought, we’ve decided to make some changes to the forum structure to make more sense, i.e. group things more logically and to create some new forums. The new forums are:

- Modification Showroom
Show off your latest modifications here, perhaps with installation photos. We all love shiny objects, so share your new modifications with us.

- Bikers and the Law
Let’s face it, we’re always going to be dealing with the right and wrong end of the law, so please share your experiences here so others may make use of them. Please keep them factual and useful.

- Soap Box
It seems we love a good rant, so let’s keep them in here so we don’t fill up the general or bike chat forums with them.

Some other forums have moved around, so please take a moment to browse the forum homepage if you can’t find the forum you’re looking for.

i was just gonna say!! :hehe:
clicked on Bike talk and saw the subforums and thought that i got ‘lost’

Heh :slight_smile: The idea is also to shrink the number of forums down off the forum homepage to make it easier to browse and quicker to load.