Fortnine - Manufacturering


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The only surprise here to me is Royal Enfield, I did not see that coming.

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Interesting although one must wonder if all models were tested, rather than just a convenience sample what would happen.

However, for me he misses one point. KTM is (across markets) commonly known as Keep Throwing Money (or Keep Texting Mechanic - a greek paraphrase). So it is surprising to see it come up there.

I mean all KTM owners know of the brilliance of their machines - just don’t talk to @Jay about his Superduke :smiley:

It does only cover the reliability based on engine internals.

Most KTM’s I’ve seen go wrong are with electrical gremlins

Ah that must be since the introduction of the grey or silver engine. Apparently the black engine was destined to fail spectacularly at some point, much shorter than predicted.

At least amongst the LC4 range…

That is a common side-effect of being chucked in a river

Hah. My Superduke just had parts fall off. Thankfully they were optional things like the side-stand or rear set lock. The electrics and mechanicals were awesome.

Mustn’t type this too loudly though, I’m in the garage where the 690 SMCR could overhear and get ideas.

Quick, throw some engine oil over your shoulder to help ward off the evil gremlins


I can’t believe how young Ryan looks, he must exfoliate with Chinese engine oil


KTM = Keeps Taking Money.