Forsale: Suzuki GSX-R100 K5

I’ve put my K5 Suzuki GSX-R1000 up forsale, via ebay.I would consider selling at a slightly reduced rate for a LB member.

Best GSXR ever:

I am now looking for a sports tourer (ie st1050 or k1200s)





Lovely looking bike that. Some say that its the best gixer that K5.

What price is it, can’t see ebay at work.

Yes, that is the reason why i got her in the first place … lovely bike, but now looking for a sports tourer (ie st1050 or k1200s)

I’ve got her up for £4,875.00 … I don’t think I am being to ambitious, give the Low miles, and condition of it.

Ill stick it up on to see if there is any interest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pm me your email and Ill addd it over there.

Thanks :smiley:

No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

its a fair price for the bike, nice nick too - not seen that tank guard before, whats the brand/make of the guard please? as I have a K6 and could do with a tank guard too. You could always buy a tourer too and keep gixxer - you’ll miss her when she’s gone. :slight_smile:

Just around the corner from me.

Great bike, good luck with the sale.