Well looks like my SV650s is gonna need new forks. Want to get something better than the stock forks but not too pricey, anyone got any ideas?


I’m sure I read somewhere that you can use forks off a gixxer 750. Have a look on

I take it you’ve looked on

Would this be due to them being bent?? If so, have you considered uprating what is there? As this would save you a lot more money - the chance to retain as much of the other gear as possible, without shelling out on everything so as to get the newer front end to fit… (calipers, mudguard, yokes mudguard and wheel etc…)

Of course, I might not be on the right track at all, and all this might be for some other reason instead; but if not, and by uprating, I do not simply mean installing emulators or the like; but putting in proper cartridges so as to acquire a more modern front end for the best economics…

If the forks are ok and its just the internals then just swap them out. Get it done professionaly. There were some forks up on fleabay recently, all sorted internally. There are sometimes some up for grabs on the race forums as well, if you want to look 2nd hand I can have a look about and a few words with people but I would need to know what year the bike is.

How about a front end of a k5 750 nearly new.RADIAL BRAKES?

reliably informed that you can put the internals on a thundercat into an SV650 to

Grab a set of ohlins springs and oil bring the bike down to evolution autos where we can rebuild your forks for you we are in the directory.Any queries ask tasha{foxy} as she knows us guys very well.WE CAN SUPPLY PARTS

Quite why on earth you’d want to do that though I don’t know! The cats forks are ok, but if you’re changing internals then spend the time and money on aftermarket springs and oil.

Theres a set up on one of the race forums at the moment, details are sketchy so have asked the guy to let me know exactly what they are and how much etc. Def for an SV650 but not sure what year yet. Will post up when i get an answer in case of interest.

Well, where art thou now “Full Throttle”?? LOL

IMHO just as I would prefer not to attempt diagnosis of somebody’s suspension problem without first seeing the bike, nor would I want to tell them what they need necessarily; better to inform of all the choices, try and suit their budget; and if it turns out not being what they wanted - well, at least I was honest.

So, Full Throttle, without input, how to assist computing a solution?? LOL

For sale,

Front fork internals to suit K3> SV650,

RACE TECH Gold emulators and Progressive fork springs.

Open to sensible offers please.

Apparently the sensible offer is around £60 - any good let me know.

I have lots of forks in my kitchen drawer and one can even pierce a chicken!

Hey guys, sorry for takin so long to get back to ya.

Cheerz for all the input. Have decided to just change the bent fork and then sort out the internals. Bike’s still in storage at W.L.Suzuki at the moment though, waiting for parts

Thanks for findin out about the Race Tech Gold emulators Chuffster, what I’ve read about them seems v.good but not sure exactly how they work, has anyone had any experience with them?

Will prob change the oil and get ohlins springs to go with the emulators, depending on what I can afford.

Quite a bit of experience with emulators. Have revalved shuttle valves without emulators as well - as emulators do come at a price, and sometimes good results can be had by this route too. You will prolly find other brands of spring will work out a little cheaper. Plus when it comes to suspension, oil just aint oil - i.e. SAE numbers mean nothing. And oil suddenly becomes quite important when the damper rod is somewhat nullified from the extra drilling that the emulators require. Seldom do I see a good job done on them, unless the person is paying attention properly…

Basically an emulator works like a blow off valve. There is a hole about 17-8mm in diameter, which is covered by a cap with a spring on it; all held down by the main spring. When the pressure below gets to a certain amount, it blows open. Whereby, you get the low speed compression that the average shuttle valve fork misses out on, and the high speed flow; which the stock fork usually has too much of. Thus the ratio has been flipped. The point at which this blow-off takes place, is determined by the spring preload upon the valve.

There are a few other tricks which get them working better, but this is why stoom is stoom me thinks…

60 squid for these 2nd hand parts is a good deal, take it.