fork seal on my zzr1100 has gone

need new fork seals done how much am i looking to get them replaced only left fork seal is leaking should i replace both.Also any good mechanics i can pay to fix my forkseals

Hi dave

get them both done at the same time even if only 1 is leaking, when i had mine done i used H&M racing in orpington, give them a ring on 01689862398 .

Hi mate depending were you are give Les a call, LJ Motorcycle Repairs Unit D1 Swan Island Strawberry Vale Twickenham TW1 4RX Tel : 0208 8912299 a few of us have used him.

Always replace both seals, if ones gone, there is a good chance the other is on the way out unless there is a problem with the fork itself (pitted) or a problem withan internal part (usually a bush). Not sure where you are based, but its not actually too difficult a job to complete yourself really.