Fork cartridge recommendations ...Andreani / Matris / other?

I’m looking to upgrade the forks on my yamaha tracer, and been given conflicting reports on the benifits of various upgrades?

Whilst I could bite the bullet and purchase a £1k Ohlins fork cartridge, I’m of the opinion its an overkill for my needs, given i’ll not been doing track days on it (leave that to the gsxr).

I’ve narrowed my choices to either the Andreani @ £480 fitted, or Matris @ £700.

Has anyone had previousl experience with either of these manufacturers? And is it necessary to spend big?

I’ll either be dropping in a Nitron R1 or Matris rear shock, and having the bike properly set up.

I’ve got Andreanis in Tiger, got them in December. They’re a huge improvement over the stock innards (which were unadjustable, so it’s not terribly surprising), but I can’t really compare them with the posher stuff.

Thanks for the feedback. This might be a sensible upgrade option?