Forgotten Videos from Southend 2008 !

Why nobody reminded me these vidoes are not up yet ?! I was so busy with my 675 I totally forgot about them:P

Anyway, enjoy watching:D

Bumper Cars Video

Southend compilation

Better quality to download if anybody wants:

brilliant!!! i just pissd my self laughing in work, so funny!!! :smiley:

I think the bits with you dancing are well funny :smiley:

did i just see roadrunner try to pull a muppet? :w00t::smiley:

ahh good times

lol excellent

I wasn’t trying to pull a muppet! I thought it was one of Ginger’s relatives, and was being friendly;):P:P:P

great videos:D

You’re all mad!!!:w00t::wink:

lol ur definately good at picking sound tracks :stuck_out_tongue:
that was well funny

lol ive watched the 2nd one like 4 times , is so funny
im not sad…

those were fecking hilarious! :slight_smile:

Wahahahahahahahhahaha I just very nearly wet myself!!! That is soooo funny…the music set the videos off perfect lol :D:D Wicked :hehe:

lol see…madness! arnies choice of backing tracks is kool! especially teh second one!:w00t:

Utter madness :smiley: I now remember you too…nice dancing :Whistling::w00t::wink:

whats the name of the song in the 2nd vid? I dont know what it is but I just cant stop listening to it LOL

The song itself is 2nd place winner from Eurovision 2007 :smiley:

Have a look:

lol cheers mate