Forged Braking Ali wheels, 3 Wavy discs £990

Seeing as std GSXR wheels are £600 on ebay and Braking wavy discs are £400/3 ish, £990 for these seems like a bargain. The discs dont have the usual Braking carbon center, instead a funky new integrated mounting system that is designed to be lighter. BFM are getting swamped with orders and there is a 3-4 week lead time on orders due to demand. 3-4KG weight loss claimed for the 2.

As you may have already guessed, I couldnt help myself . . . . . or really afford them, so it’s off down the docks doing favours for Sailors [again],%20for%20Suzuki%20GSX1000R%2005

If a few people club together the people [BFM] will do a deal with chucking in some pads/£, Nigel is the guy to talk to BTW.



I saw these, but wondered how they could offer them for that price. The first thing that sprung to mind was that they wouldn’t be much lighter than our current K5 wheels, which are actually VERY light for OEM wheels (unless you own a top-range Ducati, with magnesium Marchesini’s). Are there any stats for them Kao5?

I like the look of them, quite similar to Marchesini’s and OZ wheels. Would like a set myself for the K5, but I can’t justify it right now.

All the stats I have is matey’s assertion that they are 3-4kg lighter in total.

I guess the discs are lighter anyway due to the missing bits and iirc forged wheels are fundamentally stronger and lighter than cast OEM wheels - where price [for the manufacturer] is an issue. The design Braking have come up with also allows an obviously lighter wheel/disc attachment

I cant personally justify of really afford them, I just did it on an urge, maybe it was to keep me away from those £2200 BST carbon pornowheels. . . . The new telly/kitchen/stereo/carpet/curtains just got postponed.

Errrrr I told a few bods about these some time ago since I am a Braking Dealer. Or to quote Braking A “Official Braking Dealer” The bod said " Oh there ok but I don’t think they look all that" Oh how fickel the bike bods are

I think they look good Mike! Can’t wait to see them on your K6, Kao5!

M9 Mike, Sorry, I didnt realise you sold them, but then again, after looking at your website, you dont mention them

Jay, yes, I cant wait to see them on, only worry is the wife might too . . . she still hasnt spotted the K-Tech sticker on my forks or the rear shock looking a bit golder than before . . . .

I think the wheels will look and work great on the GSXR, your suspension may need more tweaking now.
Not sure about the huge weight saving though, but if thats right itll make a great difference to the handling.
Hope to see you with them on at the trackday on the 15th.
I might have to try them out though, just for a safety check of course.

LOL, I’ll take that as an offer for the tweaking !

I also hope they get here for the 15th, but not too sure. How very kind of you to offer a safety check, sadly they dont fit GSXR750’s …he says hoping… ; - )

I didnt quite finish off what i started last time i looked at it. Ill have a look at the suspension for sure, with the Ohlins new on my bike i`ll be fiddling there too. So far on the road it works superbly in STD set up.
New wheels?, hmmm, nice thought.

No probs m8 The web site is being worked on and is very much out of date but not being a webby kind of person what do I know about zero much about web site building so I am waiting on it being finished so I can update it when needed. I am just waiting for the right bod to post on this and I will slate the bod over there coments of the wheels are “just ok”.

If anyone wants I can do deals on the ABE wave discs, lets say around the £300 mark for a set of 3 discs. Maybe less.