Foreplay is best .

You know the songs … The ones that are all over after the intro , once the intro is done the best is out the song … Examples …

If that is foreplay, this must be more post coital cigarette.

MMmm yeah they put the intro in the middle . Fleetwood Mac WTF do they know .

Defintly some good bits, but you are right. FM put them all in the wrong order!

On the foreplay point - you can include almost any Pete Townsend composition -

you have to be crazy to put phantom of the opera in this category… the best part of the song is the change of tune in the middle you know with the “keep your distance, walk away lyrics”… :slight_smile:

Maybe not on that live version you have…

But the best example of foreplay is (for me) by far

Never has an intro pumped me up so much for the great song to follow… back when offspring could actually do good songs…