Foreign Track Day Holidays

Hi All

Do Foreign Track Day Holidays exist? I like the idea of spending say a week in Spain on a track to improve my riding.

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Yep. Lots of people go to Porto I believe.

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I’ve twice been to ParcMoto, near Barcelona. I loved it. It’s a good wide track, which I need as I get spooked going into corners and tend to want to brake. However, with such a wide circuit, it’s not scary.

yeah off to portimao in october for 3 days of fun fun fun

I do a Euro 3 dayer each year. Portimao is different to the others but I don’t think they always use the hotels at the beach now. I’ve been three times and always stayed on the coast and it makes for a great event. Walking to fish restuarants etc etc. Loads take partners. Many turn it into a week away.

Kris you on the Redline or NL one?
I am doing Redline 1-3 Oct

To the OP, as already stated they do, but they are normally 3-4 days, to be honest that is more than enough for me.

I wont go into all the details as there is loads online if you google it, if you want more info PM me, but same as Scotty, I do 3-4 Euros a year with a group of mates, for about half of those my mrs and little fella comes.
Normally we go a day or two early, and book a extra night in the hotel so we can have a family couple of days, then my mates turn up and my mrs goes to the beach whilst I am on track. She normally comes to track one day.
Depending on the track / company sometimes the hotel is near a beach, sometimes its more inland, but there is still normally a pool, or nice town / village to look about for the other half.

nl one … did FE at jerez last year and so doing one a year til the money or body runs out

basically we are mainly enduro riders so we do two off road tours but now doing the more expensive track stuff but can only afford one a year :slight_smile:

Oh Kris, if you have any recommendations for Enduro send them over.

My mates do a bit of that here, but want to do some abroad…well I get confused between endure / offroad and MX…they have bikes with lights etc, and go on bridleways etc

I think you mean byways, bridleways are illegal for motorbikes :wink:

Race Shift also organise this. I can’t personally vouch for them.

green lanes = green roads :slight_smile:

check out the adverts for and the world is your lobster

all the overseas trail stuff will be ‘green roading’ … with road legal bikes on a bit of tarmac and then BANG up on the dirt … some will be twin track suitable for beginners … we tend to go for hard enduro goat track merchants …

^^Nivag, yah that’s what I mean!

Anyone else at Aragon next week?

Nah, at Portimao !!

Love Aragon, great track!

Portimao is superb. Been three times. Probably the best “track day holiday” if you stay at the beach etc

Portimao … for track warmers … is it the same industrial plug you need to go in the socket ?

Yah I love Porto, been before a few times, but going with Redline, not been with them before so will be interesting.

There is 9 of us going in all groups so should be a good crack. I’m taking the Mrs and little fella too as they just sit on the beach, then we all join up for some grub in the evening, then she goes back to hotel and leaves me with the lads…I love her, shes fab!

I have one aim this event, “more beans over the last crest/corner” I am way to slow!!

Your wife sounds cool. Has she got a sister that is single?

Sorry - been years since I went. I can’t recall.