Ford Capri Mk 3

Right guys , bear with me on this one ok…

I really want to re-live my youth and have started getting all melancholly for the days when my ol’ man was alive and we used to go out haring around the lanes in his Capri 2.0 S ( brand new as a company car at the time LOL ) and giving it the major " Proffessionals " bit LOL

Anybody know of any Mk 3 Capri’s around that need loadsa tender loving care ? - want to invest some major time into bringing one back to it’s former glory ( would buy a minter but got no budget at the moment ) . I don’t really mind what stare it’s in as long as it’s salvageable .

Budget is virtually non existant but , as they say , if you don’t ask you don’t get so I thought I would ask my fellow brothers and sisters of LB to see what comes up ?

Thanks for your help guys , I REALLY appreciate it :cool::cool:

Might be worth posting on Retrorides ( if you haven’t already.
It’s also worth flicking through the back of Practical Classics next time your at a news agent :wink:

Good luck! :cool:

ebay is always worth checkig in on every week or so - sounds like a cool projectb

Tomo - have been watching ebay for some time now and am getting notifications on everything with the word " Capri " in it - my word people do try and sell some shite LOL

Am trying all the usual routes but was just kinda hoping someone may have or know of someone who has one tucked away in a corner somewhere that is taking up valuable space :cool:

It’s gonna be a " long haul " project as I want and need the finished article to be perfect so will be scouring everywhere for the correct parts etc and about the only thing I wont be doing myself is the paint ( although the prep work will be undertaken as I want it spot on LOL )

Cheers ,

I’ve seen one at a fellow LB’ers garage, when they get back from the TT I’m sure they’ll take you up on your offer of working for the love of it, They restore classic’s :D;)

Thanks Tel but I think if I am going to invest my hard earned cash and a load of my ( very expensive ) time in this project then I would kinda want the result to be mine LOL :wink:

Well. Can’t have it all!!!

Is that what you call your fighter now . . . it’s been that long :P:w00t::smiley: