Forcefield Pro-Pants (Level 2 Armoured)...

I’m selling these Forcefield Pro Pants due to the fact that I’ve only worn them a couple of times, and then they have just been put in my wardrobe and forgotten about! :PIdeal for someone who would like the extra protection on trackdays/offroading etc… Also good if you just use them for commuting!

As such, they are in immaculate condition, but they will be washed before they are handed over, due to the fact they have been sitting in a cupboard for well over a year.

They are a size “LARGE” (Size chart HERE), and have removable Level 2 Pro Armour (ideal for washing etc…)

RRP is £150, so these are a bargain at £80! :cool:



BUMP!!! :smiley:

Come on people! It’s a deal! It’s a steal! Its sale of the f*ckin century! :stuck_out_tongue:

If only I was a bigger lad, I’d have them.

Perfect under Draggin’s IMO.

BUMP!!! :smiley:


These are still available, and a steal at £100… :wink:

same for me, I’m too ickle



Don’t take the p**s frenchy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m willing to drop to £80…

Damn, I would need a medium.

Whoopi Goldberg?

I don’t get it ;[


Still strugging here Alex ;[

Have you had a recent death in the family?:smiley:

Ohhhh. Goddit. Thanks ehehe.

I’m tempted nath but they’ve had your spuds bouncin’ about in em aint they!?

I was wearing underwear at the time, and they have been washed since! :stuck_out_tongue:

Final bump for these!.. :smiley:

Going for £80…