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Has anyone got any views on these situations ? Im not talking about the guys motives “thats neither here nor there” but the actual position this puts people in !!.

I don’t care either way. Having said that, after the very public bashing he got from his gf, he’s got the right to express his side of the story. Should perhaps have done it earlier, though, but never mind.

I agree with ya “P”.

There’s much more to the story than that. It all happened late last year and was very ugly. Not saying any more than that.

Fair enough Paivi, I understand…hope it all gets rinsed and dried .


has the original debate been removed then?

I just wanted to fill in the background, (being nosey)

Was it in the forums?

Yeah “Wigg”…Debate more or less dead mate.

ok, nuff said, I’ll stick to reading Heat ;p

This situation as some of you well know was very complicated!!!

1/ no one should get finance for someone else. If a person cannot get finance legitimatly there is a good reason for that. I see so many girlfriends/ wives doing this for boyfriends/husbands and it always ends in tears. Just do’nt do it!!

the problem is that neither party can prove who owns the bike and both have an argument that they do. The v5 document states the keeper is not legal proof of owernership. The bike has’nt been stolen because both partys have keys to it…as it is’nt stolen the police don’t want to know.

This is a civil matter and can legally only be sorted out in a civil court…or a punch up!!

If it was on hire purchase then the loan company own it.

I’m sorry you don’t understand what happened…


Have you been drinking…???

The finance on the bike was not HP which would be linked to the bike. It was a personal loan…this means that the persons who the finance is in needs to pay it otherwise it will ruin there credit rating. i.e. no morgage or loans or credit cards or any other financial products.

The bike will still HPI as finance owed cause the finance companies always link it to the bike. I theory this should’nt stop the owner from selling it. Thats why is so much of a problem when you cannot prove who the owner is.

what about we change the subject here boys? This subject should be dead by now, let’s carry on with our lives eh? Only a suggestion.

If you decide to go on discussing it , please don’t fight and keep the mood controled. It’s a very sensitive matter and understandable that some people have strong feelings for one or another side.

just to inform you guys a little more i still have both setes of keys and alarm fobs for the bike and the original logbook with the dat and her signature on it with all of my details filled out the bike is mine and i tried to get it payed off she just wouldnt let me

the bike does not belong to the finance company as its with black horse under a personal loan which means they cannot touch the bike.

i never wanted all of this and to tell you the truth i do not care what anyone thinks of me because none of you know the half of what went on

sorry if I dragged this up, I was just being curious.

I admit to knowing nothing at all about either party, this topic has been posted in front of god knows how many people in an open environment, so it is bound to be discussed, by newbies (me) and others who know what happened.

If this is a private matter, then it should be that, private.

I apologise again, I think a moderator should remove this topic?

I just don’t want to see someone get fuct over, it seems the more we tried to discuss the matter, the more we were told to shuttup?



not a problem i brought it back up as it was droped a month ago but i only found out last week wednesday and had to set the record straight

Just for the record, normally we would advise that this sort of topic be kept private, but seeing as the original posts were made so public and some time ago now, we feel it only fair to leave both parties posts intact, so each has a right to reply, this is a common notion generally in Britain, part of our Freedom of Speech way of life, so no reason to stop doing it on LB. There might also be some educational value in it for others.

cheers jay,see you in a few days mate