For those who might be interested....

I’m always interested to see pictures that you guys take on your various ride outs around the UK…the recent ones posted of Scotland were particularly nice…I feel like I can live vicariously through whoever took the pictures…and see things I might not otherwise get to see.It motivated me to go through my digital photo collection and share a few pictures that I have taken since moving here to Kansas…and give you all a glimpse of the part of the world where I currently live…Kansas.

I hope that you enjoy them. :slight_smile:

Big Basin Praire Preserve south of Dodge City, Kansas:

The Flint Hills Scenic Byway…just north of Cassoday, Kansas:

My favorite high speed sweeper on Thunder Road…not far from Augusta, Kansas:

A fun little twisty bit along Thunder Road:

A view from Coronado Heights…just north of Lindsborg, Kansas:

Inside the box canyon on the Horsethief Trail…near Salina, Kansas:

An F3 tornado…taken from the deck in my backyard in June 2004:

A close up of the storm that produced the tornado:

Downtown Wichita…taken along the Arkansas River:

Another of downtown Wichita…looking a bit further north:

Seeing the picture of the tornado and seeing it`s in Kansas the word Dorethy came to mind.:smiley:

Woah! Those pictures are lovely :cool:

Looks good, the roads look to be in very good condition compared to ours.

Keep away from Dorothy, she’s only my. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… go and get some rest, and snuggle up with her! :):slight_smile:

good pics ks. this is a link to some of mine - look in the collections, they have seperate sets in. Be warned there’s over 1000, so get a cuppa first :smiley:

So how close did the f3 get to your house before you sought shelter - nutter:D

nice pictures

I’ll have a peak at your album from home tonight…and I’ll put a pot on before I begin. :)I didn’t take shelter…I stood there and watched it go right by…the noise was absolutely terrifying. I’ll admit it freely. My legs were weak and my heart was pounding…but I stood my ground and took pictures anyway. Once in a lifetime (I hope, anyway) chance to be that close to a REAL force of nature. :laugh: