For those of you who missed it

lol @ the stickermeister…

looks lovely, enjoy it :slight_smile:

Very nice, especially in white :slight_smile:

you wouldn’t believe the size of the stickers Jay was trying to convince me to take :smiley: they were almost bigger than the fairing!

Very nice, good work.

I saw one of these yesterday outside the baldock services. Didn’t have the first clue what it was until I spoke to the owner :hehe:

i think i`m gona go blag me a test ride on one.

a gorgous bike for a gorgous biker;)

stunning hun…just like ur smile:)

enjoy it mel…you deserve it mate;).


It did look gorgeous til you sat on it you ugly fugger:P

Bloke turned up in a van at PDQ just before I left today, wheels a white RC8 out of the back… told him I knew a guuuuurl who’d just got one like it and I think he felt his masculinity somewhat diminished hehehe.

So you did go for a twin and a white one. Nice choice. I just did a trackday with an orange RC8 in the same group, although he hung around at the back so I didn’t see him out there. Can I have a go, pretty please?

welcome to the vee side mel:cool:

s’pose you want a number for the massive wit ya exclusive bike;):smiley: be the first RC8 owner in Da VEE massive!:smiley:

Very nice! I think it’s got grin factor written all over it.

Very nice, does it go as good as it looks?

if you sat on it u would have flatened it :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a pretty thing.

I would love to get a chance to photograph it properly, nice action shots and a quality set of portraits, you’d get a full set…:slight_smile:

Congrats on your fine choice Mel.

Welcome to the Austrian V-twin Massive

TOP TIP: In case you’ve not done this.

KTMs are delivered from the factory with the gearshift set in a stoopid high position - it’s like they intend the riders to wear big moto-x boots.

Adjusting it down to suit your foot position (In guessing you’ve not got size 11 feet!) will be a big improvement.

As the RC8 requires a very positive upshift this will ensure you get the best from your gearbox.

KTM - (nearly) Ready To Race

Beautiful bike for a beautiful lady… :wink:

Nice one Mel, although I did think you’d bought a Ducati. Look’s like I was miles out with my guess! :stuck_out_tongue:


ooo nice one Mel :smiley: