For those of us who weren't fans of Mrs T

Would you? That’s a total headf*ck!

See the picture in the link…

err no! :blink: :ermm:

Are they gonna get Vim Diesel to play Geoffrey Howe?

No he’s going to play Norman Tebbit. “Get on your bike; Muvvaf***kah!”

Just to clarify… Are we talking about the real Maggie or the Meryl/Maggie? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have a go! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify … are we talking a sex thing? Or a cagefight?

Either way: No!

Meryl/Maggie…she’s looking hot, which is very scary for those of us who mourn the day she became PM…

Nearly as scary as watching the Crying game for the first time :w00t:

Geoffrey Howe (Vim Diesel) squaring up to Thatcher prior to his resignation.

No way

and Meryl is 61 now!
and I’m a married man :slight_smile:

So… Would you?

Cheers Mike

61? Blimely, she’s looking good on it…a proper GILF I guess :w00t: Then again, I had the hots for Hillary Clinton for a long time:P so what do I know?

You just know you’ve got an odd taste in women?:wink:

Eh? To be fair I wouldn’t object to a night of passion with Kylie Minogue, Anna Kornakova or Anna Freil either, if they asked nicely first.

Made me laugh :slight_smile:


this bit…

My fave:

“But Meryl is so convincing that on several occasions we had to stop filming after I’d thrown a chair at her while shouting ‘that’s for the Poll Tax, you manky old c**t’.”