For those going to the TT this week

Hello from Douglas! I’m having a great time here but I just wanted to ask those LB’ers who are going to take care as there were 2 fatalities yesterday and quite a few RTC’s over the past few days. The mountain road is closed again at the moment. I’m sure the LB crew don’t need to be told this but it’s always helpful to be reminded :slight_smile:

Take care folks and have a great time. BTW McGuiness and Cam Donald fastest at the moment, both 129mph laps last night.

you lucky lucky son of a bitch!!!

if you see Maria Costello…tell her Shane from ‘Driving Wars’ says hi…

Will do :smiley:

Here’s some footage from last nights session:

Just looking at Hutchy…he aint giving anything away is he…lol


the locals are not a happy bunch I can tell you. Never seen everyone ride so crazy.

It’s not Sunday yet :w00t:

Looks like todays practice may be limited by weather?

Last night had a few droplets but it didn’t rain. Didn’t stop McG doing a 130mph lap though :w00t:

As far as the riding goes, I saw some crazy riding on the mountain. Must have been the hot weather going to people’s heads.