For the oldies

I’m listening to REM’s ‘Automatic for the People’ for the 1st time at the mo.

And I’m impressed, not a huge fan but I know it’s a classic and was curious.

hahaha! I agree with that charlie! Terry already said that he has the age to be his dead, lol

How old is Andrew then??/

Cheeky beggars. It’s not that old, nor am I dead yet Cezar.

And I have got me slippers on as it happens.

Leave Andrew alone, I used to have slippers, but at that time I was also wearing paddington bear pyjamas, becasue I was five!

I wish I had my slippers on (raindeer leather) instead of these stupid heels! Then again, the heels go better with pinstripes.

And who you calling old anyway, guys, Andrew’s younger than I am… He could almost be my son (or my toy boy… )

How’s ya seized nuts this morning Danny-boy?

Nowt wrong with REM, I think i have every album that they have ever made. I have a very diverse taste in music though, when in the right mood, REM are fine and in my opinion they have created some seriously good stuff.

My nuts are fine its me bolts that are well and truly seized, you getting to work with that leg puller yet ? Thats Puppy not the tool

Charly you nutter, you never cease to make me laugh mate!