For The Hamster Owning ATGATT Types Out There.

Now you can protect Hammy too! :smiley:

That’ll work well for my fighting hamster…

That hamster looks the spitting image of a guniea pig…

They’re all rats as far as I’m concerned! :Whistling:

Which are lovely when bbq’d with a blue cheese sauce. :Whistling:

Guinea pigs are breed for eating (due to their quick reproduction) in south Amercia, so Ive read somewhere.
Blue cheese - Mmm. (Insert drooling smiley with homer type sound effects)

where do people find this crap ? :smiley:

Yep - ate Guinea Pig in Peru 2 years ago. Nothing special to be honest, though it did annoy some of the veggies on the trip so worth it for that if nothing else :smiley:

Where’s Giuliano?

Available with pepper sauce. :w00t:

Good man, where I can get some?

By the way, I’m looking for a good supply of cat… nothing ropey, bag lady owned… quality stuff… the more its missed by its sappy female owner, the tastier… any ideas? :wink:

Had Capybara done 7 ways in Venezuela and Colombia :sick:

Sorry for slipping, busy organising motorcycle first aid etc for the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance 100 mile cycle fund-raiser on Sunday.

BTW - Jackie is now in print -