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Pinel & Pinel Arcade Trunk
Like a rollable Dave & Busters, the Pinel & Pinel Arcade Trunk ($13,700 and up) is a retro arcade powerhouse on wheels. Featuring a 1080p LCD screen, a high-def sound system with integrated iPod/iPhone dock, and sixty built-in titles include Pac-man, Space Invaders, and 1942, this high-end gaming cabinet comes clothed in your choice of one of 51 colors of calfskin, which works with the chromium-plated dashboard and aluminum wheels to add a touch of class to your man cave or game room.

Ramone - you are a cause for concern. :hehe:

Somebody needs to get out more!!!

hehe… yes & yes - guilty as charged on both counts m’luds :stuck_out_tongue:

You can knock these up yourself really simply … I went through a phase of wanting one desparately … before I grew up :stuck_out_tongue:

See : as a starting point

Yes. :smiley: