For Sale?

cant get the new forum to work properly on my HTC phone either most annoying

Flats you doughnut. I’ve been working my ass off. Do you think I have time to sit here and read every single post? Though admittedly, I did think you were selling the 'bee when I read the title :slight_smile:

Andrew pretty much sums it up.

It wouldn’t be true to say there’s never been solicitation for investment or the like, but that’s a normal part of running any organisation. You either expand or fizzle out. We’ve thought about partnering up with other people before but never gone through with it.

Remember that LB runs as a part-time operation. Everyone involved very generously gives up their own time to work on the site. Time that they’d normally spend with their loved ones, families, friends, etc. For us to have such a large following and have such a popular site is a real achievement considering we’re a small, part-time outfit.

We’d love to see LB expand develop into something bigger and better for the members and readers, and that isn’t possible with the way it’s run currently, so it’s perfectly natural to talk to people about partnerships, investment, etc. Though to be clear, we’re not talking to anyone at the moment, and even if we were, the community would always come first as that’s what make LB what it is, as has been commented on already.

I fowt he was selling the yellow banana as well

same here …as you never see him out on it …lol

Might as well sell the yellowy one then Flats, everyone’s more interested in that. :slight_smile:

Jay, Andrew… I was only saying or asking becuase I herad it mentioned a couple of times without it being prevoked into conversation… so just wanted to know, its not a rumor as such but glad to see input from both you on it…

I doubt selling it wouldf be benificial to the community thats my opinion!!

sorry not replied sooner been away for a few days and the new site doesn’t work with mobile browsers… I wouldn’t worry though I doubt mobile browsing & these smart phones will ever catch on :Whistling:

Oh and the ‘Yellow One’ isn’t for sale… :satisfied:

best burn it then… I’ve got some matches and spare petrol if you need a hand mate, :wink:

I bet yours only just made it home from filming…