For Sale?

I heard a little rumor more than once now that LB is up for sale?? I’d like to think its not, but priorities change when there’s £££’s involved. Sort of takes away what the idea was about at the start…

Anyone in the know want to embelish on this??

Must be somthing going down to change the forum to this new slow one…

Seems unlikely to be honest.

This site doesn’t hold any personal information on any users, other than an email address, and there are cheaper ways to get that. The site itself is pretty much dependent on the community of the site, as a community site it could all end tomorrow, and we would simply find ourselves on other community sites, the worse off for it, but still living quite happily.

There is also the fact that if anyone bought it they would have to contend with the fact that another site could open tomorrow under a similar name and there could be a mass exodus to that site, leaving this site empty and dead. If I heard right, this very site was created because of issues on a similarly named site which many users were not happy with.

Seems most unlikely that someone would pay any sort of money that would tempt anyone, given all of the above.

VisorDown was sold to a bike Magazine was it not??? Not saying it is Steve… Just what I heard on two seperate occasions now while navigating my fast and sometimes hectic social whirl…

yes i was gonna point that out too, lol

This new forum is crap anyway. Doesn’t work properly on my Iphone

I thought Visor Down was also a magazine? Or was the internet/forum section separate and sold separately? I didn’t know that, but if it was part of Visor Down wasn’t it a commercial entity to begin with?

I didn’t know about VisorDown to be honest, and therefore know nothing about the existence or sale of it.

Visor Down started out as a Forum… then was bought by a bike Mag Two Wheels??? or some **** like that…

I can shrink the screen down on my HTC, Moto then it all looks in place but then the text just looks like lines its so small I cant read it!!! even if I could it wont let me reply. As I do most of my daytime browsing on the phone my presance on LB has been somewhat lacking… not all of us sit infront of a Computer all day… JAY…

cant post off my iphone any more pretty f**ked really.

site can’t be getting sold can it?

How do you think it would change things?

even if it was for sale flats i dont think you could afford it.

londonbikers is a brand now, and due to the huge following id imagine its worth quite a bit (how do you think facebook, google, twitter etc make so much money)

even if it was sold, i wouldnt imagine there would be much difference. change goes on and happens now anyway no matter how many users dislike it, with a different person running it, it wouldnt be much different.

its still always a community that makes it, and as already pointed out by Kaos, we could all effectively go somewhere else tomorrow anyway

depending on who it got sold to would depend if its get smothered with ads etc.

This forum would be worth a small fortune now I am on it.Ever since I joined there has been intrest from all around the world. I hear its a group of women who want the forum,Rich ex supermodels just so they can get a glimsp of the famous Moto-King. Of course with me not here its worthless :laugh:

Only probaly is with this forum you get some people who just love themselves to much. No what I mean? :satisfied:

how would it change… it would lose its personality any New owner would want to make money and get a return… so you would get plagued by adverts and offers… and every post would be sponsered by Bennets or some ****!!! not to mention the amount of Emails you would suddenly get from every two wheeled business offering stuff you dont want or need…

Personally I dont think it would be a good move for the community but it would be a step of natrual progression. When I 1st joined the forum was the main part of LB, the Magazine and articles were a secondary feature… Now its the otherway round most of hits the site gets are for the features and articles and thats what any buyer will look at and take interest in…

intersteing no posts from the Mods or Jay not that he says much nowdays… I suppose that could answer the question if you was cynical…:Whistling:

There’s more to it than the forum though.

I remember sparking to Jay quite a while back and the figures for the about of unique users per month on the news, photo’s and features side of the site was pretty huge! All these users are potential customers for the advertisers and that’s where they’ll make the money.

Not all forums are affected in a negative way if they’re bought out by bigger firms. Another forum I use (not Visordown) was bought out by a national publishers and it still works just as we’ll as it ever did. I think Pistonheads was also bought out by a national publishers and it’s certainly done them no harm.

Flats… you nearly impressed me there…

When I saw for sale I was thinking, FINALLY, that ruddy yellow monstrosity is going, he’s got the message, BUT NO… just another random thread…

Come on Flats, join the world of people who can afford proper coloured bikes mate… :wink:


For sale?

Be interested to know where you heard that from but of course we never will. Truth? If someone came and offered us (me, Patrick and Jay since we’re the shareholders) enough cash then we’d be mugs not to take them up on it. And it would have to be 6 figures based on our last discussions about site worth (albeit sometime before the new site went live…) which lets be honest, isn’t going to happen is it?


We’re not Facebook and not even Visordown. That was just a convenient way for an ailing magazine (TWO, which pre-dates VD I believe) to move over to the internet, and believe me we’ve had no such calls from Bike mag or any publishing houses etc.

For that matter, how do you even sell a website? Ebay? I dunno. And as rightly pointed out, the community isn’t ours to sell, we have no title over it and yes everyone could just clear off to Visordown or Performance Bikes or even set your own thing up, and any potential buyer would know this. Perhaps the photography side of the operation is worth something, perhaps even the editorial is too but I’m sceptical about how much value the opinions of a bunch of non-qualified amateur wannabe journalists are worth.

So I don’t know who is saying what but the site isn’t for sale at this point and any talk you may hear about selling, even from our own lips, is either from frustration, wishful thinking, or just a red-herring to see if we can find out who’s starting these rumours.

but if anyone wants to make us an offer I need some levers and rearsets for the 675 so please, be generous ;-p

I bet you think this forum is about you, don’t you… don’t you!! :wink:

Me?!! Cynical?!! NEVER!!! :wink:

Seriously though, was just wondering how you thought it would change… Guess it’s nice to feel that you have some input into it and if it gets too commercial then it loses that personal feel hey?!

Don’t think it would be good business to hammer us with spam and ads though as, like you said, they’d lose a lot of members!