For sale - Yamaha r6 2010

Hi Guys

If your interested have a look!

Good luck with the sale, what’re you replacing it with?

Hopefully a car lol

Splitter!! :unsure:

What car got your fancy? Must be fast to tempt you away from the R6. That’s such a low mileage, my R6 had 23k when it got stolen. I’d done 17k on it.

Yeah I’m the sort of person that rushes into something with thinking the consequences , I ain’t got a car in mind as of yet , I’ve just to the stage where a car is more logical for me , I would of liked to of had both but can’t mainly because I rushed into buying a brand new bike , once I get a car then I’d buy a second hand bike and insurance going to be a lot cheaper , I just hope someone bids on the bike!

Good luck - nice bike :slight_smile:

I think im gonna hold out for this though… :sick: