For sale; Sv650/Sv1000 parts

Bought myself a second bike to use as winter hack / track bike but insurer for the r1 won’t insure me on 2 bikes… :rage:

So I’m selling all my ‘road parts’ to convert to track bike.

-Rider seat £25 posted

-Pillion seat £25 posted

-All the fairings (inc clear screen but not mudguard or tank) - fairings could do with painting as prev owner did a DIY paint job which is Okay… will sell as set or separately 

-Headlight (with HID kit and halo rings)
£80 posted (although I have yet to test it)

-Tail light £20 posted

-Rear indicators & tail tidy (I think it’s R&G but haven’t checked too much) £30posted inc indicators

-standard exhaust £30 collection from CM or IG11

-pillion pegs £25 posted for both

If you have anything I may want for this for the track let me know…

What year is the SV?

I’ll take the tail tidy mate…

Assuming it is sk4 onwards 

It’s 2006 sorry

Inbox me details and il get you some photos

Off its off a 1000, they changed the subframe in 04, and left it till 07 (when the bike was discontinued) not sure about the 650 though.

I’m after a left mirror if you have one going spare please

I’ll take the pillion seat if possible please

Might be worth saying the colour of the fairing too

I don’t have mirrors unfortunately or grab rail.

See pics attached- I’ve been told the headlights work but I haven’t tested. I am open to offers on these if you are happy for them to be untested although I have also noticed there is some damage to the clips on the lights? See photos

I don’t know if this is an attempt at Suzuki blue or a different blue… It’s not a terrible job and they’re not major runs on the paint apart from the bit above the rear light…








Tail tidy sold

Pillion seat provisionally sold

Exhaust and rider seat no longer for sale.

Will sell full front cowl/nose cone inc hid kit and halo lights (untested) £100. Buyer needs to collect from cm23 or IG6 (whichever is easier)

Seat sold

On eBay*1989