2001 One very careful owner, T&T, meticulously maintained and fettled with love.

Goes like a rocket and sounds like thunder.

Guaranteed to make children cry and OAP’s ears bleed

Many sexy extras.


I’m selling it as it got wet today and it needs a clean now;):D:D:D

I’ll gladly swap it for a 2008 SV650 with 450 miles on the clock, and has genuinely never seen rain!!!:smiley:

have you noticed how many people are buying SV’s at the moment? better keep the storm though so i can join the chunky vtwin massive!


Just fix that leaking garage roof :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Nice one Grim :slight_smile:

He’s selling it so he can buy my buell :smiley: Make me an offer Chunky! (ok, I’ll stop dreaming now)

You know you want to swap it for your Buell;)

oh please, your not seriously selling your bike even though it only makes an appearance ince a year?!:smiley:

But Chunks, why would you want to swap such a beautiful bike for a tractor?!? :wink:

Don’t you fuggin start and all:P:D:D

One careful owner, pity the other 3 werent so careful:P

Bought new Daniel:P

Is it run in yet? :smiley:

I mudst remember to book its first service… for 2010:P:D

You’re sure you only zero the trip and not the Odo? :Whistling:

I will find out how to zero it when i fill it up for the first time:P:D

Well of course it’s very tempting! Probably can’t justify it in reality…

…however would still like to know how much you are after roughly!

Also what are the extras & do you have any pics?

Sorry John, Chunks was only jesting, I think he’d sell his missus before he’d let the TL go!! :w00t:

Having seen it at the Herts meet tonight I can see why, it’s fugging gorgeous!! I’d be willing to knock of a bank if it ever truly came up for sale just to get my hands on it! :smiley:

Chunkys TL1000RK

I can’t believe you’re still running that rotary anchor… get a proper shock for it (and after market steering damper if you haven’t changed that yet). You will love your TL even more!!

I know Et:cool:

I’ve got an Ohlin steering damper on it. If you have £800 knocking about I can borrow I’d get an Ohlin tomorrow mate;)

I recently got an Ohlins shock for my 'Storm off Fleabay but 2nd hand TLR ones are like rocking horse doo-doo:D