For Sale- Suzuki SV1000S K3

so due to me buying a new bike…My SV is up for sale

Suzuki SV1000S K3 43,000 miles 2 owners T&T- Taxed till August and MOT till April 12.

Part SH, The bike is a bit bruised and needs some TLC, it would make an ideal fighter/track project or for someone that doesn’t want to park there shiny bike in london town and wants a commuter.

open to offers over the £600 mark, the bike rides and runs and has been used everyday, it will not be used much at all from saturday.

PM me offers.


pic to come.


Check your pm’s russ

PM back dude

Any recent pics or am I too late??

what you getting?


06 black hornet…booo yaaaaaaaaa:D

try get em up later dude.

your not too late, got a someone is coming to have a look sunday, let you know wether it goes or not.:wink:

still availabale dude will get some pics up when i get 5 mins!:smiley:

more than welcome to pop over dude;)

What area is the bike in?
Any chance you can email me some pictures?

juts PM’ed ya dude

east london, yeh i’ve gotta get some pics, when i can find the bloody camera lol

Has this gone, need pics, can I pop round, text me ur address!! U got my number.

Ooooh, so you are selling your SV now too, good luck with the sale, all the best! :slight_smile:

I did PM you mate… no answer yet:)

Pics please?

no internet at home only work, so no pics as of yet, please bear with me:)

So, has this gone yet?

Helloo? Anyone in there?

He is not at work today Bob. So won’t be online, and obviously while at work probably not easy to get online, so might have to wait a bit.

It hasn’t been sold as far as I know and I was chatting to him a couple of days ago.

Thanks mate. Find out on thursday whether this is a realistic possibility. Assuming I can convince the Mrs that three (working) bikes is perfectly normal…

hi bob, let me know if it is a possbilty and you can come and view the bike if you like?

no pics at mo, stil fuking about sorting the laptop! PROPER AGGRO!:smiley: