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I just posted twice as I had not noticed that I’d pasted several times from clip board, but as it takes a bit of time for the add to apear and I couldn’t edit it you’ll get two similar posts. You can delete the first. Hope this makes sense.

its annoying isnt it!!
I have given up posting on here if i want to sell something.

You have to get it approved by the mods 1stly…

Then when you make a change, however small it is you have to wait for it to be approved again…

I agree it’s pretty annoying :crazy:

I agree…

Thing is before it was made a moderated forum we had loads of people joining just sell something and then buggering off - this in turn caused a few complaints - so there’s no easy solution.

But bear in mind it’s free to advertise though so you’re not actually paying for an annoying service - now that would be annoying so at least that’s something :slight_smile:

Hello, terribly sorry but in the tittle is should say CB600F… don’t appear to be doing to well tonight :crying:

As Macp said its a free service, so you can’t ask for your money back now can you.

Keep up the good work.

I appreciate it is a free service, but to avoid people just joining to sell something (and to free up the mods time) could a rule not be applied as in other forums i.e. you can only post something for sale after having made a predetermined amount of posts ?

It’s coming…:slight_smile:

Ask and you shall receive…

If all has gone to plan, members with more than 30 posts will be able to skip the moderation process and create new adverts and edit existing ones they’ve created without needing moderation.

We’ll still be keeping an eye on the forums though to ensure there’s no abuse or dodgy dealings going on. Our top priority is to protect our members against fraudulent or mis-leading adverts.

Just like a fairy godmother eh Jay

Good work, cheers fellas :smiley: