for sale runner 180

posted 10-12-2007 21:49

right ive got to let it go .
miles 4000.
its w reg 180 runner ,
orange back end and grey front ,
its got vx forks and new tyres plus spare front wheel,
the engine as just been rebiult with /
mallossi 172 head and piston,
x2 new main bearings,genuine gilera.
x2 main seals ,genuine gilera.
x1 water pump kit
x1 crankshaft ,genuine gilera.
x1 drive belt ,genuine gilera.
x1 oil pump belt ,genuine gilera.
x1 gasket ,skull cap.
x1 172 gasket kit top end,mallossi.
x1 thermostate genuine gilera,
x1 malossi clutch spring set
1.5 coolant .
x1 roller kit malossi 14 grams
x1 new spark plug
x1 o ring rh side waterpipe .
all work done by good dealer .
i have all full paper work and invoices.
plus it as m.o.t till september 10th 2008.
x2 keys ,
its still got 300 miles to run in .
all work done on 04/12/07.
can email me [email protected] or ring 07795803490 ask for darren .
iam 2nd owener as well.
selling as iam doing car test .
the water pump went thats why i had all work done

o yes price £1600 o.v.n.o SOLD SOLD SOLD

Need a price :slight_smile:

Aint you got your binockulaars on Jay :smiley:

It says £1600 :stuck_out_tongue:

i just put price on there i forgot price it isnt jay glasses lol

Dont worry mate, we all make mistakes :):wink: