For Sale kevlar jeans

I’ve got a pair of jeans that I’ve tried on once but never worn on the bike. The brand is Hornee 

They are sized at 34 but are more like 36, so don’t fit me - yours for a paltry sum of £40 - collection from Borough Market/Bikeshed or possibly elsewhere central/south london.


Your L and E not working or you’re getting exceptionally lazy these days?

Your L and E not working or you're getting exceptionality lazy these days? silveR6
I think they were part of the clearout... even the keyboard didn't survive the cut

Edited to spelling mistake. My phone is shite.

Yup, v rything must go!!




Free keyloggers included. Never forget your password again.

WhatsApp’d you Gav

No I won’t model them topless ya filthy bastard! Well, not for that price :wink: