For Sale: Honda VTR1000 Firestorm 1999

Honda V-twin in very good condition with the exception of the bottom end. Good condidate for breaking, otherwise needs bottom end rebuild (I think).

Have stripped heads and replaced cam chain tensioners, and heads are very clean and in good condition. Cam chains good, valves good and straight, valve seats good, cam buckets good and clearances within tolerances, piston tops good. New coolant, oil, gaskets and filters. New battery and plugs.

Even though the heads have been rebuilt, there is still a rattle which I think comes from big end.

Clean bodywork - original silver. Good low mileage tyres. 23k miles. Not involved in any accidents (that I know of, or can see). HPI clear. V5 present.


Interested any pix? Pre strip down and current? Also where are you?
Cheers Steve

Am in Twickenham. You’re welcome to look at it.
Will post pics early next week when I can wheel it into the garden and make it look nice! :slight_smile:

Have pics inside head and with airbox off.

Haha ironically I’m down the road from Twickenham and have an equally cheap FireStorm with a lovely motor and some cosmetic damage courtesy of a reversing driver and a parked bike…

I’m very interested in this and will probably be in touch come payday

Just to say that bloke from pistonheads website didn’t show up (twice), so VTR is still available.

£550 would fix it :slight_smile:

you mean an extra £550? or you’d lower the price to that? :wink:

have you any photos fella? twickenham’s quite out of my way for a fleeting visit.
what’s the tax and MOT dates stand at, apart from the rattle, is the rest of it all good?