for sale front and rear paddock stand....steal of a deal!


I have a Motrax rear paddock stand and a Micron front paddock stand for sale…( as used on my 2007 fireblade)

£20 for both!

sorry not the best of pictures!

hi mate …

where are you … I’m interested in the stands if they are ok for my zzr1100 … cheerz…AL…

Bummer. Beat me to it :slight_smile:

I am in Cricklewood NW2… I am not sure if they will fit a ZZR 1100 ( as in I have no idea)…the rear is adjustable to quite a range …you are welcome to come by and see if they fit.

shame … if you were closer I would snap them up … I had to get over to cricklewood last week to pick up my new engine and it took me just over 1hr 45mins in the car from crystal palace…

cant stand traffic in the car … jarrod their yours if you want them mate …thanks for the reply sorry mate …AL…

Ooo… Thanks mate. Very kind of you.

Bah! If Jarrod doesn’t take them I will :wink:

Actually Szymon they’re all yours. Impulse buy from me :crazy:

Awesome, superoli I will PM you :-). It’s the front I want mostly, but my rear stand is pretty unstable (just ask Scorch!) so very happy to get both!

Hrm, wonder if I could bungee both of these onto the bike, would be a good excuse for a ride, not far but I don’t get out much now that I work mostly from home…

totally doable, just take some carpet or a towel to protect your rear seat.

They’ve got wheels - tow them on the end of a length of rope.

What I should do is bring a pillion, then on the way back the pillion attaches one to each foot, spools out a reel of rope and road-ski’s behind me. Wanna come? :slight_smile:

sold to the man in the corner with the bowler hat and red umbrella or szymon.

Just FYI while we are talking about paddock stands, don’t buy the Oxford one, it’s pants. I may be selling one on here soon if you don’t believe me and want to see for yourself.

Hah! The rear one I’m replacing (which Scorch said was a death trap) is an Oxford one :wink:

Yeah I have to get round to replacing mine. You get the impression that a strong gust of wind would cause it to collapse.

Many thanks Oliver, wonderful to meet you and I think I got a superb deal! Good luck with opening the tropical branch of LB :slight_smile: