For Sale: brand new GoPro Motorsport bundle

High Definition Vehicle/Helmet Mountable Camera

Got it for Christmas but never used it. Selling it as I want to buy the bluetooth headset for my helmet. Effectively, it’s brand new in its box.

The kit retails at £300. I’m selling it for £240 including a 16GB quality memory card.

This is the new High Definition Motorsports Hero Wide. The GoPro Motorsports HD Hero Camera is one of the most exciting products that we have come across in the last few years. The last few cameras where good, but this is the true ‘coming of age’ where you can produce movie quality footage, from slow-mo’ stunts to full high octane race footage. Ideal to mount on any car, bike or helmet. This is world’s first true 1080p HD wearable and extreme sports camera, don’t just take my word for it - check out the web footage below!

Comes with all the attachments shown:

  • High Quality Suction Cup
  • 2 Flat plates
  • 2 curved helmet plates
  • Angled helmet mount, riser mount, spare quick release clip.

2 Year Warranty.

The video mode on the camera features:

Optional modes of:

1080p TRUE HD Perfect option for most sports.
Or stunning 720p (60 frames/sec) Slow-Motion Cinema view - a high resolution mode (1280 x 720p) at an amazing 60 frames per second (or 30 fps if desired). Permits “liquid smooth” slow motion viewing, and ideal for body-mounted applications and the highest action sports.
Or 960p Maximum FOV (4:3) (1280 x 960p) that adds 25% more “height” to the picture. Developed specially by GoPro to let you see more action at the top & bottom of the screen – critical things like the tips of your skis, a longer stretch of trail, or the horizon…things that make your video much more exciting.

The Internal sound system records CD quality audio at 48kHz and is uber sensitive so it no longer need a ‘high/low’ setting. The video is incredibly rich in colour and has fast light/dark adjustment. Action footage looks perfectly natural, even as you jump from shadows to bright sunshine. The Rock solid image stabilisation keeps the action crisp with no vibration or “double vision” even at highest speeds in the most challenging sports

The 170º Wide Angle Lens will record not just your main subject but also the waves, track, other competitors, your buddies etc etc. A new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery lasts 2 hours and means you’re not having to shell out constantly for throw aways. The new HD range of cameras will take upto a 32GB HC SD Card capable of storing 8-10 hours of video or thousands of stills. The new HD has brighter and more audible on/off indicators so you know where your at!

The Photo modes include 2, 5, and 10 secs. Auto-photo Mode all in 5MP photo for a nice big print. The 170º lens is sharp from corner to corner, edge to edge with a 1.4 lux low light performance with a 5MP sensor at a massive 1/2.5 inches. You can Shoot hands free photos until your card is full or until the batteries die. That’s well over 2 hours of shooting a photo every 2 seconds.
There’s also a new 3-Photo Burst Mode so you can shoot 3 photos in two second burst mode. We purposely spaced the photos out over 2 seconds to give you sequence-friendly timing. Also new is the Self-Timer Mode, so you can grab your fellow HEROs and strike a pose. What’s a camera without a bit of tradition?

GoPro HD HERO camera: Formula Car Clip on Vimeo
GoPro HD HERO camera: Ronnie Renner at the MX Track on Vimeo

I’ll start the bidding at £200.00 :slight_smile:

provisionally sold (not to trackday junkie :slight_smile: )