For Sale: 2009 Yamaha R1 "BIG BANG" model....

2009 R1, 13,000 miles, black screen and Akra Carbon Pipes. Other than that, standard. New sticky tyres. 12 months MOT and 6 tax. Datatool Alarm.

Reason for sale, bored of 2 wheels, thought I needed 2 wheels in my life after a small break but have decided to call it a day with bikes, 9 years of riding, too many funerals and numerous bans, it really isn’t floating my boat any more. Track or Road. I have a new hobby now.

Based in Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire. Sensible offers. I am the 2nd owner, never dropped. Owned for 3 months. Sensible offers.

What’s the new hobby posh boy?

i’d get in trouble owning one of them…lucky i’m a tight fecker and skint,should sell that pretty quick this time of year is it on pistonheads?

good luck with the sale

Posh boy?

Not on Piston heads yet. Will be within the next 48 hours.

it’ll probs be gone in 48 hours once on pistonheads and the like,how much you after for it?

Posh boy, Henley on Thames etc…



Yep, looks like Peckham to me…


As of September 10th, this will be for sale again.

£6200 with 14,000 miles on the clock, cheaper because a twatty student side swiped me and scratched the fairings, I did NOT drop the bike, just scratches.

All in to fix it is £200 quid but honestly, I haven’t got the time to hassle around dropping bikes off etc.

good luck, not a good time to be selling a new ish bike mate, seem them going for 6ish on ebay. Great time to be a buyer! Its a lot of bie for 6.5 k!!

£6k lowest offer I would take. If no offer of that, sits in my mums garage or comes to France with me.

Lovely bike. Seen in person. ALOT of bike. Clean too.

Mint. Got it professionally valeted today and it looks brand new!

Ta dude.


on Piston Heads

wish i had 6k and somewhere to park it…

ferking love these bikes, sounds awesome.

£5800 NOW

sold 3 weeks ago for pennies.

**** you market.